The total incarcerated population in the U.S. is a staggering 2.4 million – a 500% increase over the past 30 years. One of every 108 adults were in prison or jail in 2012. One of 28 of our children has a parent behind bars. 65 million Americans have a criminal record. And about as many people were returned to prison just for parole violations in 2000 as were admitted in 1980 for all reasons combined.

We’re just as shocked and overwhelmed at this problem as you. And for 27 years we’ve been actively transforming lives, restoring hope, advocating change, identifying resources, life planning, and supporting families, communities, and individuals affected by or currently living with these tragic numbers. But we haven’t done it by ourselves.

Reuniting Families

Restoring Hope

The work we’ve been able to do because of donations has transformed the lives of those affected by incarceration—from providing kids a free summer camp experience to being able to feed and clothe those in need. We absolutely ❤ our donors. Here’s a quick look at what they’ve been able to provide and support us with.

We also put a high-value on donating your time and skill to our ministry.

Make our work possible

Your donations are the backbone of our success. We’ve been blessed enough to have donations come in the form of gift baskets, food, clothing, building supplies, construction, and so much more! You make our life-changing work in Beaver County possible.

It’s easy to sign up. You can do a one-time donation or recurring. And as a bonus: all donations are tax-deductible. Win-win.

Thank you for the countless hours, resources, commitment and service!